Thursday, September 17, 2009

The great Netbook - MacBook Debate

So this may not seem like much of a debate to most, but this one plagued me for a couple months. Why would anyone put a netbook and a Macbook Pro in the same debate, let alone the same sentence, yet I did. Each machine has it's strengths and weaknesses.

So I got both. Pretty sad I know. It didn't happen the way I would've liked it to go down, and I didn't get exactly what I wanted either but in one form or another I was able to get them both. Now I need to figure out how to use them both effectively and together.

So far the netbook has been great for traveling. I took it on a flight home with me, and on the airplane ride I was able to watch two whole movies and still have about 30 minutes of battery life left. Mind you the flight was 5 hours long, so I was pretty excited. Also the netbook is the size of a James Patterson book, which isn't that big ( < 11 inches). I was able to get the netbook running the evaluation version of Windows 7, which is pretty cool. I haven't done too much with the operating system other than test out the media center streaming to my Xbox 360. Sadly it didn't work as well as I hoped it would, but it's a netbook not a full scale laptop so I didn't have high hoped. For the most part on the netbook I open a text editor and a web browser.

On the other had I got a 2007 edition (I don't know the generation) 13 inch white Macbook. I was able to get it for $350 and it's running a fresh copy of Snow Leopard. I've been mainly using it to take notes in class and soon to be writing code on. Mac OS X is a lot different than windows, and I've been learning a lot of quirks that it has. It soon will be my default OS for most things but for right now I'm still working my way into it, slowly. So far it's pretty cool though. I'm actually writing this on it right now.

I've discovered a few apps to keep things working between the now current 3 laptops I have. I've discovered Dropbox to keep my school notes in sync between each laptop. I'm searching for an editor I like and a way so share music between the three. I've heard of Airfoil and look forward to giving it a try eventually, but so far I'm taking it easy. I'm slowly defining roles for each one, and hope to use them to their fullest potential.